Exhibition CGI

Have you considered 3d Exhibition Floor Plans in your marketing material? Planning an exhibition is a huge and daunting task which can often be significantly improved with the assistance of Exhibition Floorplans and additional 3D visuals.

By visualising the exhibition floor plans into a 3D visual, Show organisers can find themselves saving money otherwise lost through weary potential exhibitors and by utilizing as much trading space as possible whilst leaving little room for errors. Our 3D exhibition floor plans give a photo realistic birds eye view of the exhibition floor plan – allowing stakeholders to really gain an in depth understanding of the layout of the exhibition or event.

Square Edge has created various exhibition floor plans and feature 3D visualisations and animations for shows such as the ‘Ideal Home Show‘ and the ‘Ski Snowboard Show‘ which are held  at the Earls Court arena in London. The 3d exhibition floor plans were created by working closely with the shows organisers, and sponsors in order for the creation of very informative, accurate and aesthetically pleasing  3D visuals for their exhibition marketing materials.

We also work with other exhibition venues and event organisers visualising their exhibition floor plans for all their marketing and visual needs. Another reason we are frequently called upon is that apart from our visuals being among some of the best in the UK they are also used to reduce the requirement for potential sponsors or exhibitors to travel to a particular venue – thus not minimising the risk of alienating your stakeholders.

Exhibition Floor plans

Exhibition floor plans are created by using the existing architectural technical drawings of the arena or venue and the proposed 2D drawings of where the organisers  propose to put the event features,  retail stands and sponsored stands. Event organisers and marketeers are now seeing the benefits in having their events visualised in 3D as they are finding it much easier to attract sponsors and retailers to take part by allowing them to visualise their presence at the exhibition.

The 3d exhibition floorplans that we create in our London visualisation studio are used not just for the exhibition organisers, but also for their exhibition marketing brochures, flyers, adverts and posters. Marketing Exhibitions in this way by using 3D floor plans to communicate ideas is becoming the norm and more common place amongst show hosts and stand exhibitors.

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