3D Floor Plans

Why should you have a 3D floor plan created?

If you are in the property or property marketing industry and want to increase your sales for selling or renting properties, then a 3D floor plan is now an essential tool for your potential customers.

Gone are the days when potential house buyers browse through newspapers and drive miles to look at a property to be left frustrated and disappointed as to what they have seen. Thanks to technology, we now have the means to create a fully immersible 3D floor plan based on your own flat 2d architectural drawings.

3D Floor plans are regarded as one of the most important requirements as the online property buyer is able to view the entire home layout. The 3D floor plan will provide information to the potential buyer or renter that a still photograph cannot. The 3D floor plan will give an indication of the entire property size, plus individual room sizes, Furniture is included in the 3D Plan to give an idea of how the home can look, if there is a particular interior furnishing style you would rather, then please contact our studio which is based in London – where someone in our team will be more than happy to go through the different types of furnishing styles we can offer.

3D floor plans are not just for websites, they can also be placed on brochures, hoarding, billboards, email marketing, etc. So if you are an Architect, Estate Agent, Property Developer, Private Developer, Floor Plan Publisher or in another business we have not mentioned, then please get in contact to see if we can help you.

Having a 3D Floor plan created for your marketing material is becoming more commonplace and an upcoming industry standard, as recently, the head of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) is calling ’ for floor area to be included in marketing material and floor plans to include furniture, so that people can get a clearer idea of the size of a property’.

“Consumers are provided with very poor information when they are buying new homes,” Mr Rich said. (BBC news article September 2011)

If you require your interior furnishing for your 3D Plan a little more bespoke, we will be more than happy to create your preferred furnishing style from scratch by working closely with you, your architects or your interior designers.

Animated Floor Plans

Why not have your 3D floor plan come to life with an interactive animation.

Once we have created your 3D floor plan for you, we can go ahead and either do a complete 360 degree turnaround interactive animation, or for the ultimate marketing material, an actual ‘fly – through’ animation where the viewer is fully immersed in the floor plan and can experience a complete virtual tour before the property is even built.

How do we create your 3D floor plan?

We read your 2d floor plan and visualise it into a photo realistic 3d-plan image.

Setup: We take your 2D architectural drawing and load it into our specialist 3D software we use to create our 3D visualisations

Create: This stage we begin to create the external and internal walls of your 3d plan or 3d plans and start to include doors , windows,stairs and floors.

Furnishing: Your 3D floor plan is almost finished, all we are missing at this stage is the sanitary ware and furniture. We have a variety of furnishing styles to compliment the 3D-Plan, if you prefer a more bespoke style then this too can be created by our team and added to the 3D floor plan.

Lighting: Once the 3D floor plan has had all the furniture and features added to it, we then begin to add lighting to the 3D-plan. Most of our clients prefer a day time lighting set up as this allows us to see the whole 3D render very clearly.

Rendering: We are now ready to render the 3D-plan or 3D plans depending how many many you want visualised. Rendering simply means to allow our specialist software to calculate the textures, colours, lighting, reflections and all the other real world physics and to implement them into the 3d floorplan in order to give it that photo real quality.

Post-Production: Once the 3D plan has been rendered, we then add give it a final touch up, and add a few more additional techniques to it to give the 3d-plan that extra sparkle.

Design Study

Having a 3D floor plan design study created is becoming more and more popular amongst interior designers and architects, and in some firms is becoming a standard practice in order to help with design variations of floor layouts to be considered.

It allows you, the designer to visualise the unfurnished floor plan and allows you to draw over the image for possible new variations of furniture layouts, partitions etc. before submitting your final drawings for approval.

3D floor plan reveals what photographs often do not: the number of rooms, size of each room, the layout of the rooms and how each room relates to one another.

3D floor plans are created using state of the art software similar to what is used in animated films. Our professional designers can choose the appropriate lighting or even change the camera angle to produce a ‘real life’ feel to your customer.

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